Airside Equipment Training Consultancy

Impartial, expert analysis for improving airside efficiency and safety

Every airside operation involves risk, which can result in damage, accidents and expensive delays. RTITB Airside’s consultancy services can help with preventing ground handling incidents and airport vehicle accidents so that you can improve airport efficiency, turnaround times and safety.

With detailed analysis and airside consultancy, we work with you to identify issues and potential improvements in the airside environment. We can also help you establish best practice for ground support equipment operation and standards for airport vehicle training.

Our process

We understand the importance of efficiency in today’s airports, so our process helps you find solutions and get results as efficiently as possible.


We review and analyse your ground handling equipment operating practices and standards to find out where there is risk in your operation, and why. We also benchmark your incidents, accidents and operations against globally available statistics and trends

Action Plan

Working with you, we formulate effective, realistic action plans to reduce airside incidents and accidents, and their severity


We create bespoke airside training solutions for your operation, from classroom and practical training, to off-the-job training and use of latest learning technologies


We deliver the tailor-made solutions that will make a difference in your airside operation, such as driver training, safety workshops, train-the-trainer courses, handbooks, e-learning, apps and more


Ongoing monitoring is an essential part of the process. We can provide written and visual reports of our findings to help plan the next step


We work with you to refine your existing solutions and identify new ones, helping you continue to move towards your goals


Our experts can provide ongoing support and additional consultancy as and when you need it, wherever in the world you are

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RTITB Airside HealthCheck

Our completely impartial HealthCheck service will audit your airside vehicle and equipment operations and identify ways to improve efficiency and support your accident prevention framework.

With an easy-to-understand HealthCheck report from our internationally qualified auditors, you can find out what your issues are in detail and learn ways to overcome them.

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Airside HealthCheck

Our specialist airside inspection and ground handling audit service is tailored to you, to find ways to achieve maximum safety, efficiency and compliance.

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Train your trainer

Make sure your airside equipment Instructors can improve ground handling training standards and add real value to your operation.

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Other services

Overcoming human factors is what we specialize in. There are many ways we can help you communicate safety information, engage your team and get results.

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RTITB Airside Health Check

Our RTITB Airside HealthCheck audit identifies a minimum of 30 issues on average. Act now to reduce airport vehicle incidents and improve airside efficiency.

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Our mission is to save lives, reduce damage and improve turnaround times in the airside environment. We provide tailored solutions to deliver measurable results, improving airport equipment safety and efficiency through consultancy, training and standardization.

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