Airside Driving HealthCheck

We’ll help you identify ways to reduce damage, improve efficiency and increase safety.

A HealthCheck by RTITB Airside can help you unlock latent profitability in your ramp operations. No matter what issues are uncovered, we can suggest practical solutions. 

With an easy-to-understand HealthCheck report from our internationally qualified auditors, you will have a clear action plan to help you minimize risk, improve driver behavior and prevent airside accidents and incidents.

We’ll also draw on our expertise to look at how your operation performs, comparing our findings to global and national information. This helps you measure your progress on your journey to greater efficiency and safety.


Our audit is tailored to your airside operation, so its duration and content varies to make sure we answer the questions that are important to you.

Where are you now?

Our internationally qualified auditor will conduct a close analysis of your ramp operations, ADP & GSE training processes, safety systems and airside driving standards. You’ll get detailed information about current risks and how to mitigate them. 

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Main objective

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What’s the problem?

Each airside operation is different. But typical areas that we will audit include:

Key Custody Arrangements

GSE Operations

Management and Supervision

Incident and near miss Reporting

Driver Training

Pre-use Inspections

Airside driving permit (ADP)

Driving Standards

Record Keeping


Refresher Training

Risk Assessment

How can you fix it?

No matter what issues are uncovered, we can suggest practical solutions. Our HealthCheck will provide a clear action plan to help you minimize risk, improve behaviors and prevent GSE and Airside Ops vehicle accidents.

From reward and penalty schemes related to driver behavior, through to GSE and vehicle training programs, our expert auditors will recommend different measures you can put in place to benefit your airside operation.

Take your first step towards more profitable airside operations, contact us today on +44 1952 520239 or +91 9999 169400. 


Is an Airside Driving HealthCheck right for you?

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