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Improving Airside Safety & Efficiency

RTITB Airside provides impartial, expert consultancy, airside safety audits and ground support equipment training solutions to airports and aviation suppliers across China and North Asia, and globally.

Wherever you are in the world, we work with your airside operation to identify and analyze risks, challenges and inefficiencies.  We are results driven and will apply our extensive local knowledge to help you improve airport turnaround times, reduce airside equipment damage and increase ground handling safety.

Airside consultancy for China & North Asia

Increasing airside efficiency is more important than ever in airports in China and North Asia.  Airports Council International (ACI World) has predicted that China will have the largest share of the passenger transport market by 2040, at 18.2%, yet flight delays continue to be a serious issue. Hong Kong’s Chep Lap Kok Airport is also expanding with a third runway, aiming to handle 26.4 million more passengers and generate HK$455 billion of economic benefits by 2061.

We work with airside operations across China, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Korea and North Asia to identify issues and potential improvements that can help prevent airside vehicle incidents, improving airside safety while keeping turnaround times down.

Our consultancy, auditing and training processes help you establish best practice for ground handling equipment operation and achieve standardized safety and airside equipment training processes.

Whether you need to reduce flight delays, manage efficiency in volatile weather conditions or improve airside vehicle safety, we will use our global airside safety expertise to support you with a local solution. IATA has prioritized safety as the number one priority for this region.

Our services include:

Airside consultancy

Consultation, analysis and benchmarking to provide you with an action plan that addresses the risks specific to your operation. Our RTITB Airside training consultancy process will help you identify the next steps you need to take to improve airport turnaround times, increase efficiency and boost safety. Click for more about Airside consultancy.

RTITB Airside HealthCheck 

Our completely impartial HealthCheck service is conducted by internationally qualified auditors who will look in detail at your airside vehicle and ground support equipment operations, processes, training and supervision.  A comprehensive Airside HealthCheck report will tell you what your issues are and suggest ways these can be addressed to help prevent airside accidents and inefficiencies. Click for more about the RTITB Airside Healthcheck.

Train the trainer

By correctly training airside vehicle Instructors to a standardized level, your operation can ensure that ground handling equipment operators are working safely, raising standards and reducing risk.  Correctly trained airside Instructors can also help ensure airside compliance with local safety legislation. Click for more about Train the Trainer.

Other services

From creating bespoke courses and competency tests, to creating safety documentation or training Apps, there are many other ways we can help you manage your airside safety information and communicate in a way that engages your team and get results. Read more.

China & North Asia at a Glance

  • Flight delays are a problem in many airports in China as passenger and flight numbers increase
  • China’s weather is volatile due its size and microclimates, so training to overcome the challenges of the weather in airside operations is key for safety
  • As well as prioritizing safety, IATA is also focused on environmental, operational and infrastructure improvements throughout the region
  • China’s total air transport fleet is expected to triple between 2015 and 2035 and by 2020, 244 airports are expected to be open in China
  • The aviation sector in Hong Kong faces increasing competition from Korea and Singapore as their main airports expand
  • Chep Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong is the world’s eighth busiest passenger airport and the busiest for cargo, with half the world’s population living within 5 hours flying time of the airport
  • Hong Kong is seeing growth in aviation due to an increase in low cost carriers

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A single ramp accident costs $250k on average

Global cost of ground accidents estimated at $10 billion per year

10 airside injuries occur per 100 full time workers, costing $100k +

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Airside HealthCheck

Our specialist airside inspection and ground handling audit service is tailored to you, to find ways to achieve maximum safety, efficiency and compliance.

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Train your trainer

Make sure your airside equipment Instructors can improve ground handling training standards and add real value to your operation.

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Other services

Overcoming human factors is what we specialize in. There are many ways we can help you communicate safety information, engage your team and get results.

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Our mission is to save lives, reduce damage and improve turnaround times in the airside environment. We provide tailored solutions to deliver measurable results, improving airport equipment safety and efficiency through consultancy, training and standardization.

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