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RTITB Airside HealthCheck

The Challenge

RTITB Airside was invited to carry out airside equipment operation audits at an airport with 13.4 million passengers per year.

Similarly, a small airport operation, with less than 1 million passengers per year, requested an audit with a specific focus on catering equipment and hiloaders.

The Solution

By implementing the RTITB Airside HealthCheck audit, areas for improvement were identified.

At the first airport, 33 areas of risk were identified, and advice was given on how to address these issues.

Similarly, a HealthCheck at the second found 31 areas of risk and a clear action plan was advised to help the airport make improvement.

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Our mission is to save lives, reduce damage and improve turnaround times in the airside environment. We provide tailored solutions to deliver measurable results, improving airport equipment safety and efficiency through consultancy, training and standardization.

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